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Welcome to Advokat Ann Bergström

The lawfirm is one of the north of Sweden´s leading law firms in criminal-, family- and immigration law. Ann Bergström has the clients interest in focus and has represented clients in a number of high-profile cases. She works primarily in Västerbotten and Norrbotten but represents clients all over the country in the law firm´s specialist areas. The main office is situated in Umeå with reception offices in Skellefteå and Boden.

Many people will at some point be in need of legal advice. Ann Bergström helps her clients during the entire legal process and fight for the best possible outcome.

Public funding will often cover all or most of the costs for legal councel and sometimes it is possible to use your home insurance to cover the costs. An initial contact is always free of charge.

Ann Bergström is fluent in English and if you speak another language than Swedish or English an experienced interpreter will be used. Ann Bergström is used to working with interpreters.


Criminal law (public defence and victim representation)

A person who is under suspicion is often entitled to a public defender. If you are not entitled to a public defender you can always retain a private attorney. The public defender represents the interest of the suspect during the preliminary investigation and and at trial. It is very important to get a defender as soon as possible.

You have the right to choose a particular lawyer to represent you. If you are not content with the lawyer who has been appointed to you it is possible to ask for a change of counsel. Public funding will cover the costs for your counsel. In case of a conviction a duty to reimburse the state may arise if you have the financial ability to do so.

Ann Bergström has many years of experience as a defence counsel.

If you are a victim of a crime you are often entitled to a counsel for the injured party. That is a lawyer who will represent your interests during the preliminary investigation and at trial. You will also get help to make a claim for damages.

You have the right to choose a particular lawyer to represent you and it is important to get a counsel as soon as possible. Public funding will cover the costs for the councel.

Ann Bergström has long experience with representing victims of crimes, in particular women and children subjected to domestic violence or sexual abuse.

Feel free to contact Ann Bergström for legal counselling. You can always request Ann Bergström as your public defender or counsel for the injured party. Your request is to be made to the police who will forward it to the district court.


Family law

Sometimes it can be difficult to find an agreement regarding the children in case of a separation. There can be disagreements regarding custody, living arrangements and/or visitation rights.

Most of the costs for legal councel is often covered by your home insurance. I other cases it is possible to apply for legal aid which will mean that public funding will cover most of the costs. Wether or not you are entitled to legal aid depends on your income. Ann Bergström will help you to contact your insurance company or apply for legal aid.

Ann Bergström have been representing parents in cases regarding custody, living arrangements and visitation rights for many years.


Immigration law

You are entitled to a public councel if you are applying for asylum or if you are in Sweden and the Swedish Migration Agency is considering deporting you on other grounds. Public founding will cover the costs for your legal councel. You are free to choose which lawyer you want to represent you and it is important tou choose a lawyer who is experienced when it comes to immigration law. You can tell the Swedish Migration Agency that you want Ann Bergström as your public counsel.

Ann Bergström has been working with immigration law since 2005 and represent asylum seekers as well as clients applying for residence permit on other grounds. She has also been pursuing cases in the European Court of Human Rights.


Public councel in other cases

You have a right to public counsel that is covered by public funding in other cases as well. One example is cases when the social authorities take custody of your child or when an adult is subjected to compulsory care. Ann Bergström can represent you in such cases and are used to representing both adults and children.

Do not hestitate to contact advokat Ann Bergström for a free legal consultation!


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